Falls of Trahoniou or Livaditi located in the Rhodope Mountains in the Forest Complex of Trahoniou, Dipotamia and Forest Blade and belongs to the municipality of Paranesti in Drama Prefecture.

Access to the waterfall is a relatively accessible route, crossing Arkoudomera, with signs of the forest road which passes through the village of the municipality Trachoni Paranestiou, following the path for about 7 km and reaching the last meters following the 300 meter trail that leads to the waterfall. Alternative route is the path of 2 km around which we get from the village of Xanthi Livaditis.

Falls of Trahoniou or Livaditi is the most impressive waterfalls you'll see in your life, watching the water poured into the depths of the waterfall from a height of 40 meters. The landscape combines lush vegetation and wild brooks and creeks emanating from the central Rhodopes. Throughout the area you will find facilities paths that guide you through the dense forest with views aperigraptiti segmented waterfall. The winter months and municipalities the temperature drops low you see the waters of the waterfall to freeze, creating a huge crystal effect.

According to tradition, the waters of the waterfalls Trahoniou Livaditi bathe or fairies, while in the caves around the stone looms to weave the gossamer neraidognema. Also Escorts Dionysus the Satyrs danced their dionysiac pace. Within these primeval forests antilalousan songs of Orpheus, son of the Muse Calliope and the god Apollo who charmed with his guitar gods and humans.

Rodopi is a large mountain range along the Greek-Bulgarian border, north of the prefectures of Drama, Xanthi and Rodopi. In Greek mythology, the mountain was named after Queen Rhodope of Thrace, which the gods transformed into mountains to punish the arrogance.

Today Rodopi is an area almost deserted. In the second World War and the Civil War, most definitely devastated villages and their inhabitants never returned. Even Sarakatsani farmers abandoned their difficult life in the Rhodopes.

The Rhodope Mountains is characterized by numerous peaks relatively low altitude. The highest peak (within Greek territory), the Delimposka an altitude 1,953 meters and is located in the prefecture of Drama in the mountain of the fence, the Greek-Bulgarian border.

This perhaps makes Rodopi is the unique aquatic wealth. Crossed by the river Nestos and the dozens of tributaries, and has very high rainfall.